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Apr 18

“The major weakness–and one it’s getting tiresome to note in drama after drama–it’s the writing of several characters’ wives, who are portrayed as ballbusters, opportunists, or both. In an antihero-TV culture where subcultures of fans have ganged up on the likes of Breaking Bad’s Skyler and Sons of Anarchy’s Tara, trashing them as bitches and buzzkills who get in the protagonists’ way, intentionally or not these characterizations feel like they’re ratifying that attitude. It’s not as if most of the men here are any less caricatured (as in the movie, it’s a stylistic choice and takes a while to adjust to) but there are more of them and they get more screen time to develop.” —

REVIEW: In FX’s Fargo, the Devil Goes Up to Minnesota | (via acafanmom)

yyyyep. The wife-murder reallly put me off, I have to say.

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Hmm interesting because the female characters in the original were so sympathetically written. Caveat: I haven’t watched yet, waiting until it airs here, so I’ll be interested in seeing for myself.

Oh, I loved the women in the original. That’s so disappointing to read. :(

(I haven’t seen it yet.)


I posted and deleted a comment to this earlier but I’ll say this now - I disagree with this review.  A lot.  For many reasons.

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I watched the episode after reading this tidbit and all throughout I kept thinking “am I seeing the same show the reviewer was seeing? I’m trying hard to really squint and shoehorn some of that review in, but it just isn’t happening”.

I’mma read the full review now.

EDIT: Although the review actually covers the first 4 episodes (so it’s possible the point about women characters holds true), it also wrongly attributes a quote to a wife, when it is said by a brother… so… grain of salt?

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Forever amused that no one gives a flying fuck about Moriarty’s return/if he’s alive/how he survived because we’re all too busy talking about Mary.

So either this was the plan all along or TPTB honestly thought everyone would feel satisfied with Mary’s plotline and come away from series 3 being amazed at Moriarty’s return.


I am 99.9% certain that they thought they’d neatly tied up Mary’s plot thread and were going to wow us and take us into a Moriarty-filled hiatus.

I’m 99.9% certain they know nobody would be fooled by the Moriarty thing.

I’ll be 100% disappointed if it turns out Moriarty is alive.

Yeah, so Fargo is really not my type of show…

But Freeman is bloody fantastic in it. It’s probably the best acting I’ve seen him do. Every second is a pleasure. I’m hanging on the edge of my seat for every millimetric twitch of his face.




Next time someone thinks being an “everyman” type of actor an insult, I’mma slap them upside the head with this episode.

Apr 17


Me: *turns off alarm*
Me: *reaches for phone*
Me: *checks Tumblr to see what’s happened in fandom overnight*
Me: *sees what happened in fandom overnight*
Me: *switches off phone and pulls covers over head*
Me: *decides to take a day off from Tumblr*

Sometimes I feel like I’m in a different Sherlock fandom.

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what if you could meet your celebrity crush but the cost was them knowing everything you’ve ever said about them in your tumblr tags



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“We always talk about the downside of [fandom] because that’s the more colourful thing to talk about. There are many more fans out there whose response to wishing for creative control is to make up their own stories. And to make up their own ideas, and to make beautiful drawings, and scripts of their own. There is the slash fiction - and why not? What’s wrong with porn? It’s made many people in this room happy; it’s a vessel of human happiness, why should we object to it? It’s a creative response to something! That’s brilliant and wonderful and heartening and exciting when that happens. Because that’s how people start being writers. It is. You start being a writer by imitating other writers. Mark and I never stopped!…That is a hugely positive thing and yes, of course, somewhere in amongst that there is the clinically insane, but we can’t allow that to dominate the conversation.” — Steven Moffat on fans and fanfiction at Sherlock: Anatomy of a Hit [x] (via thecutteralicia)

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Apr 12

On the Other Side (18131 words) by Mildredandbobbin [AO3] -



The next chapter in my post-series 3 fix it, resolve it fic is up now :)

Chapters: 5/?
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Janine Hawkins, Mary Morstan, Baby Watson
Additional Tags: Angst, Sexual Content, Post-His Last Vow, Sherlock Series 3 Spoilers, Johnlock - Freeform, Mildly Dubious Consent, Infidelity, Mary is not a good person in this story


“This is what you’ve wanted isn’t it?” John says mockingly, cuttingly, fists bunched on Sherlock’s collar, simultaneously holding him close and shoving him with sharp knuckles against the wall. “You should be happy now: she’s gone, and I’m all yours.”

Post-Series 3. Spoilers for series 3.

Chapter 5: If I don’t ever leave a thing behind, I’ll still leave you without me.

“You never did tell me,” John says with feigned lightness. “Why you couldn’t let me in on your plan.”

Sherlock looks away. A muscle in his jaw twitches. He presses his lips together. “I didn’t realise,” he says.

John frowns. “Realise?”

“That I’d be missed.”

timezone reblog

This was beautifully written, incredibly intense, surprisingly arousing and extraordinarily insightful.

In one chapter. Everybody go home. This is it. lol

“I don’t think Ben [Cumberbatch] or Daniel Craig are asked that. I think it stems from my so-called perceived approachability. And it is totally f***ing perceived. I come across as a half-decent person and not very pretentious. I’m a good actor; I can pretend. Look,” he says, calming down a bit, “I’m angry and defensive about everything. It just drives me slightly bananas because I know how hard I work. Tim is nothing like Bilbo Baggins either. People tend to think, ‘Oh, you’re just doing what you do.’ It’s a) insulting, b) f***ing bulls***, and c) I’d invite any other f***er to try to do it.” —

Martin Freeman on comparisons of his characters

I’m so glad he’s finally said something on this. I hate it when people compare his characters as the “every-man”. He’s a brilliant actor and saying that demeans his work. (via hogwartsisongallifrey)


But to be honest, I think the “every man” is the hardest role to play credibly. We are so used to suspending our belief, so that Khan and Bond are accepted no matter what. The hard part is seeing a character that we all meet everyday and find him believable on screen. That’s why Freeman is so fucking good (and why he’s got the BAFTA to prove it). I think it’s a type, and no less demeaning than saying Cumberbatch only plays geniuses.

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